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ALL-NATURAL BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS, helpful massage balm is made of natural herbs.


Blend of 100% nonatural Thai herbs.

Deep warming and soothing oil with natural Thai herbs extract.

  • Relieves worn-out joints, gout, locked joints.
  • Cures and loosens injured and stiff tendons.
  • Cures cramps.
  • Apply to diabetes wounds.
  • Helps heal broken bones and sore joints.


Why Wangwan?

- Manufactured with the highest process quality under monitoring by Thai traditional medical experts.

- Selecting the quality herb by Wangwan Selected to gain the highest product quality.




  • (50g)
  • CAUTION: Not for internal consumption. Avoid contact with eyes or month. Keep out of reach from children.

Wangwan Brand Herbal Balm

    • Salet Pang Phon Oil 
    • Eucalyptus Oil 
    • Menthol 
    • Plai oil extract racemic
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